Suleky Roman is a proud Washington Heights native and the creator of "Oh, You're Dominican?" (And yes, she's Dominican.) Even though she speaks Spanish fluently, both of her parents are Dominican and she was born and raised in one of the most vibrant Dominican neighborhoods in the world, she's regularly asked one loaded question: Where are you from? Suleky wanted to explore why people didn't see her as Dominican, which led her to question the media portrayals of Dominican women. She hand-selected 7 women to be part of a photo series and share their stories.

“Oh, You’re Dominican?” is an exploration and celebration of Dominican heritage, identity, and representation created by Suleky Roman.

This project employs film photography and oral testimony to showcase the beauty and diversity of Dominican women. The participants, all Dominicans with both parents being Dominican based in the New York City area vary in hair, complexion, size, interests, and lifestyle. She hand selected women who have not done any cosmetic surgeries. The women shared stories about their identity and how their Dominican-ness has been equally challenged and celebrated throughout their lives. Though their testimonies and appearances are unique, every participant served Suleky a perfect cup of Bustelo, confirming that Dominican women have plenty in common.

Suleky believes this visual project will illustrate each woman's proud, rich, and beautiful expression of Dominican culture. The website, will publish photoshoots and interviews on the website bi-weekly, with a final rollout of the collection in NYC in May 2019, followed by a panel discussion with the participants and more.

Creative direction, concept and interviews were conducted by Suleky Roman, with photography exclusively shot by talented ATL native Ray Neutron.